Setting your “Price Alert” just takes three short steps:
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Find Your Favorite Project!

To acquire your Favorite Project from our listed Properties; Click on the Bell Icon below on your left-hand side.

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Set Your Price Alert!

Determine your price range and property criteria, then set your customized criterion Price Alert to get prompt property notifications.

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Get Notified!

As soon as a project is available based on Your Set Criteria, you will get notified by email through Price Alert.

We are pleased to be the very first team to deliver such a fantastic, distinguishable, and free service among all condo assignment platforms. Price Alert is a revolutionary feature that can notify you rapidly and promptly upon obligation.

Staying notified about the best property deals would require a constant online presence. We truly understand that no one can remain glued to their devices, wasting their time and energy to get ahead of the finest deals and bargains.

Henceforward, Condoly has come up with “Price Alert,” a fresh and contemporary tactic that paves the way for our respected clients and users.

As soon as you “Sign Up” with a free account on Condoly,

You can set up “Price Alert” without Signing Up or having an Account. As a Buyer, you have the advantage of using all the Features on Condoly for free and without Signing Up.

As soon as a project is available based on Your Set Criteria, you will get notified by email through Price Alert.


Is it free to set Price Alerts?

Absolutely! The Condoly platform always tries to provide the best services beyond user’s expectations! Setting your Price Alert service is free and made for your ease of mind.

When are Price Alerts sent?

Alerts are sent immediately and directly to your email when a property or a project becomes available on Condoly, and it matches your set criteria and customized benchmarks.

Do I have to sign up to set a Price Alert?

No, as a buyer, you would never have to Sign Up on Condoly; you can take advantage of all the services available on the website for Free, without any hidden charges or the hassle of Signing Up. A Feature like setting your “Price Alert” is included too.

After setting my Price Alert, for how long, will I get notifications?

Once you set your Price Alert with your criteria, we will notify you about available projects and price range up to 40 days! You can later update and re-set your Price Alert again if you still wish to be notified further.