Condoly Privacy Policy

THIS PRIVACY POLICY tends to your personal data. Condoly and its members regard your security and are focused on protecting your personal data.


By getting to or utilizing this Condoly site,you may recognize that You have perused and perceived this Privacy Policy, and that, without limitation or qualification, You are limited by and consent to submit to the Privacy Policy, just as any future revisions/alterations that might be made to it.You have explained this Privacy Policy to any person or entity on whose behalf You are accessing the Site and the services available thereat and confirm that they are in agreement with Your access and use of this Site on their behalf and that any information You provide on their behalf is also governed by this Privacy Policy.This Privacy Policy speaks to an arrangement between You and Condoly.

In case that You don't consent to be limited by this Privacy Policy, You should not access or utilize this Site. If You think about any future updates/alterations made to this Privacy Policy to be unacceptable, You should stop getting to and utilizing this Site. In case that You keep on getting to or utilize this Site after any corrections/adjustments are posted, You will be regarded to have acknowledged those modifications/revisions.

You ought to occasionally return to the posting of this Privacy Policy to audit any modifications/revisions.


personal data is any data, in whatever structure, about a recognizable person. Accordingly, through Your entrance and utilization of the Site, Condoly may get personal data from and about You.

Coming up next isn't close to personal data (hereinafter the "public information") and You accept that is the situation:

Your name, email address(es) or other data by which Condoly might have the option to get in touch with You, including name, place of residence, home phone number, position or title, business phone number, work address, cell number and other electronic devices by which You might be reached;

personal data about You that is freely accessible data, for example, data accessible through government sources, (for example, Land Titles/Registry workplaces, municipal departments as well as provincial regulators), public libraries, phone directories, catalogs, online indexes, social media sites, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so forth. Accumulated data that can't be related with You as a particular individual; and data which isn't about You, yet which is about any organization, affiliation, association, club, and so forth., with which You are related.

Public data isn't administered by the individual data strategies in this Privacy Policy.

Condoly may share Your public data and any adjustments and updates thereto by You, with a developer, owner or agent of the engineer/owner of a property project or other developer or investor for or in real estate or any partner (each, the "Developer") and additionally with a realtor, specialist, financier and real estate advisor or any affiliate (each, the "Real Estate Agent''), and with real estate boards, affiliations or controllers, financial organizations, the suppliers of goods, enterprises and government offices and You thus consent thereto. For example, Condoly may share Your public data to at least one Developer as well as Real Estate Agents with respect to a real estate project or projects.. For example, Condoly may share Your public data to rewards providers under Condoly's BottomLine Rewards Program ("Rewards Suppliers' '), for the reasons that such Rewards Suppliers reach You in respect thereto. For example, Condoly may share Your public data to suppliers of goods and administrations as they relate to real estate, as well as the possession or potentially the inhabitants thereof. Data You share with these elements will be dependent upon those entities' privacy policies.

The Site may have public discussions, postings, message sheets, online journals, social media sites, news gatherings, survey groups as well as other public sites. Data which You reveal or post in these parts of the Site become public data and isn't represented or ensured by the individual data strategies in this Privacy Policy.


Condoly may gather individual data through Your utilization of the Site, different agreements, structures or records You complete or potentially different activities started through the Site. This happens when You register at the Site, access and utilize the Site and its functions, utilize any of the administrations or products that are given at the Site every now and then or in any case by Condoly explicitly mentioning the individual data from You at the Site.

Condoly may likewise gather personal data identifying with Your utilization of the Site. For example, the Condoly servers will consequently distinguish Your PC by its IP address, ie. the number relegated to Your PC. That data might be utilized in a wide range of ways, including for organization structure, to help determine issues in this Site, to collect data for Condoly and others, for example, the Developer and additionally the Real Estate Agent as well as Rewards Suppliers, and to review the utilization of the Site. Condoly may also utilize this data to distinguish You when there is a likelihood that authorization of consistency with the Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy is essential. This data may likewise be utilized for tracking processes, for example, counting the number of online visits on the Site and of such managerial issues and to assemble expansive, demographic data. Condoly may utilize this data where it is in any case allowed by law too.

The Site isn't directed to kids. No correspondence will be sent to anybody or data gathered from any individual who demonstrates that he/she is younger than 16 years old.


Generally, Condoly doesn't uncover Your personal data, aside from with Your authorization or agreement or as set out thus or as allowed by law or under uncommon conditions, for example, when Condoly accepts, in good faith, that the law requires it or there are explicit conditions which require it.

Since personal data might be gathered through registration at the Site and the utilization of the Site, including utilizing any of the administrations or products that are given at the Site occasionally, this personal data will be uncovered by Condoly to its affiliates, as vital or alluring to offer the necessary types of assistance, and to the Developer as well as the Real Estate Agent or potentially Rewards Suppliers, for each situation as fundamental, and You therefore consent thereto. Condoly and its affiliates may utilize Your personal data to better address Your issues and to more readily offer support to You through this Site and such partners' sites of Condoly for administrations in the real estate business, and You thus consent thereto.

Condoly may uncover collected insights (where Condoly disclose an attribute or attributes of clients of the Site, as a gathering, and not as people) so as to depict as well as advance this Site, the administrations of Condoly and to planned Developers or potentially Real Estate Agents and additionally Rewards Suppliers and for other legitimate purposes.

The personal data You give through registration at and getting to and utilization of the Site might be collected so as to show and advance the utilization of the Site. For instance, Condoly may give to the Developer and additionally the Real Estate Agent, reviews of administration achievement rates, inventory of units sold, either for the Developers' activities and/or potentially the Real Estate Agents or for the Site periodically.

Every once in a while, You may get material or unique proposals from Condoly, the Developers as well as the Real Estate Agents and additionally Rewards Suppliers. To give this data, Condoly may share Your public data including Your name, contact data and email address and a few or the whole of Your personal data with the Developer as well as the Real Estate Agent or potentially Rewards Suppliers and additionally third parties, and you thus consent thereto. Condoly may also speak with You about extra real estate administrations or to give data to You about different products and administrations which may get you interested. You may notify Condoly that you don't wish to get this data. You may keep on getting to the Site regardless of whether You have so prompted Condoly.

Condoly or the Developer and/or additionally the Real Estate Agent as well as Rewards Suppliers may uncover Your own data to perform credit checks, or to gather accounts owed to Condoly or the Developer and/or potentially the Real Estate Agent and additionally Rewards Suppliers to avoid fraud and money laundering or to demand data about You from the documents of customer reporting institutions.


This site contains connections to different sites. These sites have their own approaches and practices regarding web security, and This website can't be responsible for the protection policies or the content of these Websites. What's more, in specific occurrences, a site promoter may approach you for personal data. This site can't be liable for the privacy practices of its promoters. Just certain representatives approach the data you give us. For instance, we force severe standards on our employees who approach either to the information bases that store client data or to the servers that have our administrations. While we can't ensure that misfortune, abuse or change to information won't happen, we attempt to protect such misfortune events.


If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy please send us an email and we will be pleased to assist.