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The Clarkson Urban Towns
Occupancy Date Jun 2021
Builder Haven Developments
Address 2200 Bromsgrove Rd
Available Units 0
Available Resales
The Clarkson Urban Towns - project
Upper East Village Condos
Occupancy Date Jun 2021
Builder Diamond Corp and Camrost Felcorp
Address 939 Eglinton Ave E
Available Units 1
Available Resales
Upper East Village Condos - project
609 Avenue Road Condos
Occupancy Date January 2021
Builder Madison Group and State Building
Address 609 Avenue Rd
Available Units 0
Available Resales
609 Avenue Road Condos - project
Cypress Condos Pinnacle Etobicoke
Occupancy Date Jun 2021
Builder Pinnacle International
Address 5415 Dundas St W
Available Units 0
Available Resales
Cypress Condos Pinnacle Etobicoke - project
Whitehaus Condos
Occupancy Date Jan, 2021
Builder Lifetime Developments and Knightstone Capital
Address 2360 Yonge St
Available Units 0
Available Resales
Whitehaus Condos - project
Plaza Midtown Condos
Occupancy Date Jan 2021
Builder Plazacorp Urban Residential Communities
Address 25 Holly St
Available Units 0
Available Resales
Plaza Midtown Condos - project
B-Line Condos
Occupancy Date Ready to move
Builder Royalpark Homes
Address 408 Browns Line
Available Units 0
Available Resales
B-Line Condos - project
Station West Town
Occupancy Date Ready to move
Builder ADI Development Group
Address 101 Masonry Court, Burlington
Available Units 0
Available Resales
Station West Town - project
Peter & Adelaide Condos
Occupancy Date Jan 2022
Builder Graywood Developments Ltd.
Address 102 Peter Street
Available Units 0
Available Resales
Peter & Adelaide Condos - project
Pearl Place Condos
Occupancy Date Jul 2021
Builder The Conservatory Group
Address 19 Hollywood Ave
Available Units 0
Available Resales
Pearl Place Condos - project

About Toronto

Toronto has remained a hot construction market in Canada throughout these years due to the strong population growth combined with the increasing immigration rate flowing to Toronto. This increasing population calls for more construction and also promises a developing market regarding construction and housing.

It is no surprise to know that Torontos housing and construction market has been booming faster these days, and obviously, this makes Toronto a sweet spot for investors too. Toronto has never stopped growing, and from the looks of it, it is going to grow itself and its market to a bigger scale. This city has always been successful in managing its supply and demand in the market, and these years the city is showing off in the construction and housing market.

The City

Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario. With a recorded population of 2,731,571 in 2016, it is the most populous city in Canada. With the increasing amount of people seeking a condo or a house, Toronto has become a paradise for real estate. Toronto has an average of 4 percent of the population growth, which is not surprising as people favor this city with different interests and jobs.

You can see construction zones being busy almost all year to make it easier for Toronto residents to find a house of their own. This keeps real estate agents busy in Toronto. The diversity and growth go neck and neck with the construction growth. that is why you never see Toronto falling behind in anything!

Toronto's Assignments

Assignment sale is sky-rocketing in Toronto since the pre-construction projects are becoming more and more. An assignment sale is when the original buyer decides to sell a pre-construction property to another buyer before they take possession. in other words, a third party can take over the original buyers rights and obligations regarding the pre-construction property.

In Toronto, assignment sales are more common for pre-build houses than for resale properties. A sale has only one condition: the price, but in an assignment, you are also transferring contractual rights to another buyer. People have widely favored itis totally legal and throughout Toronto as an option in the housing and construction market. Finding a seller/buyer who looks for an assignment sale can sometimes be time-consuming and tiresome, but we changed that!